Sometimes in the life of a parent, we get caught up in daily activities and lose our

way of learning with our children.  Here at Head Start, we can help...we have

ample resources and fun ideas for things you can do with your child at home or

just integrate into your daily routine.


We are currently sending home LITERACY KITS

to any interested family.  These literacy kits include fun filled

learning activities for you and your child to do together, then

return whenever you are done.  Please remember, your child's

education is important, and so is the effort that you put into

helping them build it!  


Talk to your teacher or a staff member about how you and your child's dedication to

lifelong learning can be put into affect, helping to continue providing quality services

to our communities through your weekly In-Kinds

(those green papers everyone loves!).


We appreciate your support and dedication tell help the children of the future

succeed to their highest potential!