Central Montana Head Start employees teachers with education backgrounds and specializing in Early Childhood Education.  We firmly believe that by providing the children with high quality early education we allow for students to have the utmost positive beginning in their lives and school career.  

 Central Montana Head Start uses Creative Curriculum in the classrooms.  The study based curriculum allows for the children to guide their learning with scaffolding and exploration opportunities provided by the teachers.  Samples of studies are; Clothing, Buildings, and Reduce,Reuse, and Recycle.  Students are guided in activities based on their skill levels and needs.  By allowing for differences in learning children are allowing to use peers and teachers for learning providing a successful environment for all students.

 Teachers measure learning using Teaching Strategies Gold, a developmentally appropriate, skill measurement tool.  All data is entered online and the software allows for parents to log into the system and see progressions in their child’s development.  The parents are invited to add their observations to the documentation that the teacher will use to assess development.

All results are shared with parents at family conferences and home visits throughout the year.