It is our firm belief that for children to become successful in learning and developing, their most basic needs must be met.  We promote a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious snacks and meals, assistance in learning healthy habits, for example, toothbrushing, and by offering ample opportunities for daily indoor and outdoor gross motor activities.


Central Montana Head Start assists parents in completing multiple health and development screenings.  With in the first 45 days of enrollment all children are given a comprehensive hearing and vision examination, the results are reviewed by a professional and then shared with the families.  Additionally, a comprehensive behavior screening and social emotional screening are completed.


Within 90 days of enrollment a physical and dental exam must be completed.  Traveling to the Lewistown and Roundup centers, the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, currently assists in meeting these needs for families.  Over and above that, each child has a lead level screening, Hemoglobin/Hematocrit screening, and up-to-date immunizations are encouraged.  Central Montana Head Start is currently partnered with the county health nurse and the Health District to assist in meeting these requirements.  Central Montana Head Start works with local medical and dental providers to assure that all children have a medical and dental home.  


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